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Education Offences

Being charged with an education offence can be highly distressing for any parent or guardian.  If you find yourself in this position, you need expert advice and support from the outset. 

You may have been charged with failing to ensure your child’s regular attendance at school, or failing to make your child attend school where it is alleged that you know about this failure to attend and have no reasonable justification.  Alternatively, charges may relate to holiday periods during term time or to issues around a home schooling arrangement.

At MTM, we can act for you all stages and in all cases: from dealing directly with schools before any criminal proceedings; representing you at interviews; and acting for you in court to challenge all the evidence and witnesses being ranged against you.  We are experts in dealing with this type of offence, and our legal team are well versed in all defences against all charges.

Wherever possible, our expert legal team will keep you out of court altogether by skilful representation and thorough mastery of all procedures and processes.  We are on your side and we understand your circumstances: we know how emotionally draining it can be to be charged with such offences.

Taking early action is the best way to approach a case and get the best possible outcome. Whatever your position - whether you have been charged or are about to charged with an offence - call us on 0800 328 0944 for an initial free and confidential consultation.