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Directors Offences

Company directors and managers are being held to ever-increasing levels of accountability by the general public and by Parliament for directors offences. 

If you are a company director or a manager facing directors offences, you need access to the very best advice and criminal law defence as quickly as possible.  We can help you immediately, dealing swiftly and effectively with matters such as search of premises, seizure of documents and interviews under caution.

Whatever the investigation relates to - whether directors’ liabilities, intellectual property theft and infringements, an investigation for fraud, embezzlement, bribery, money laundering, corruption and other related financial crimes - we provide specialist legal defence expertise.  That expertise extends to charges of corporate homicide.

We can represent you from the earliest stages of any investigation: we are as active out of court as we are in court.  In fact, in many cases, we can often keep you out of court altogether. We do this by engaging with the authorities to seek to influence the course of investigations in your favour, based on our thorough knowledge of the criminal justice system

Taking early action is the best way to approach a case and get the best possible outcome. Whatever your position - whether you have been charged or are about to charged with an offence - call us on 0800 328 0944 for an initial free and confidential consultation.